Magma 72: The Climate Change Issue

QuIMG_1251[1]ite amazed to have a tiny poem in this. It’s a varied and beautiful issue, with lots to chew on. Shetland is well represented, with Christine De Luca’s ‘Stotterin inta Anthropocene’ and Jen Hadfield’s response to James Goodman’s poetry, including her ‘Sample Basket Red List 2318’. Jen Hadfield suggests that ‘Extinctions occur… when we can’t grasp either finity or connectedness’. There are lots of glimpses of finity and connectedness in the poems here. What sticks with me from the issue are a plethora of precisely imagined futures, from Momtaza Mehri’s ‘yolky bopping heads of          plastic ducks’ to Joanna Guthrie’s time ‘of spores/and rain/and herding kids/through dark.’