‘The Place of Shetland Knitting’ in Textile: Cloth and Culture

My article 'The Place of Shetland Knitting' is now available in the journal Textile: Cloth and Culture.  Abstract Shetland has become synonymous with certain kinds of knit textiles, which have influenced the development of its landscape, economy, and relationship to other places. Three distinct elements are important when considering Shetland knitting in relation to place: … Continue reading ‘The Place of Shetland Knitting’ in Textile: Cloth and Culture

Shoormal Conference

Shoormal Conference call for submissions flyer New coasts and shorelines: shifting sands in the creative economy Mareel, Shetland, Wed 18 to Sat 21 Sep 2019 The Centre for Rural Creativity at Shetland College UHI and Shetland Arts Development Agency are inviting creative practitioners, researchers, professionals and arts organisations to join us in exploring, creating and … Continue reading Shoormal Conference

Magma 72: The Climate Change Issue

Quite amazed to have a tiny poem in this. It's a varied and beautiful issue, with lots to chew on. Shetland is well represented, with Christine De Luca's 'Stotterin inta Anthropocene' and Jen Hadfield's response to James Goodman's poetry, including her 'Sample Basket Red List 2318'. Jen Hadfield suggests that 'Extinctions occur... when we can't … Continue reading Magma 72: The Climate Change Issue

Island Textiles and Clothing

The latest issue of Island Studies Journal contains a special themed section on Island Textiles and Clothing, edited by me and including articles by Ana Nolasco (‘Designing national identity through cloth: pánu di téra of Cape Verde’), Hélène B. Ducros (‘Reclaiming islandness through cloth circulation in Madagascar')and Lynn-Sayers McHattie, Katherine Champion and Cara Broadley ('Craft, … Continue reading Island Textiles and Clothing